St Petersburg

Gutenborg (2).jpg

In 2011, SPb Renovation was awarded licence by the city of St. Petersburg to replace and develop eight million sqm of new residential property as part of an initiative to improve the lifestyle and living environment for the city’s future heritage. 

The twenty-year programme of development transforms nine districts, sub-divided into 22 city blocks over an area of 900 hectares. The first of these districts to progress to full implementation is Gutenborg.

Plot 35 is a courtyarded block designed by HKR. Though enclosed on all sides it is semi-permeable with breaks to its edges on the eastern side. It is massed so that it is lower along its southern and eastern sides. This massing allows sunlight to penetrate the courtyard and maximises the insulation achieved within the constraints of this building plan form. The block is further distinguished by increasing the height of the north-east and north-west corners.

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Location: St Petersburg, Russian Federation
Sector: Masterplanning, Landmark Towers, Mixed Use, Residential, Commercial
Size: 780,000 sqm
Client: SPb Renovation