Kaaki Land

Kaaki Land (3).jpg

Kaaki Land will be the largest hotel in the world once completed, with the site located 3km south west of Islam’s holiest places, the Kaaba.

The development provides approximately 10,600 rooms, reception areas, dining and multi-purpose rooms, prayer areas and a food court capable of accommodating more than 2,500 people in one sitting.

The accommodation arranged in blocks is focused on thirteen landscaped courtyards and a large central garden that provides communal space at the heart of development. Traffic has been a key design consideration because of the need to accommodate large numbers of coaches during busy pilgrimage seasons. The complex is expected to take about nine years to develop in three phases.

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Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia 
Sector: Hotels and Resorts, Masterplanning
Size: 760,000 sqm
Client: YALJ Group