HKR Secures Planning Approval for Nyes Wharf scheme

HKR Architects has secured planning approval for a residential-led, mixed-use development on Nyes Wharf in LB Southwark. The 11,600sqm development falls within the Old Kent Road Master Plan (OKR10) and will deliver 153 London Plan compliant new homes, 35% of which will be affordable housing and will include approximately 1,200sqm of flexible creative SME workspace at ground and mezzanine levels. It is the first of the applications to receive approval and sets a key benchmark in meeting London Plan key objectives and is viewed as the exemplar project for OKR10.

The height, bulk and massing has been designed in collaboration with the wider development proposals for the area, with hierarchy of building shoulders consistent with the future neighbouring development. The overall height of the tower at eighteen floors remains at the more modest end of emerging tower proposals for the area. The building also delivers a significant new piece of public realm in contribution to the planned new linear park which loosely follows the path of the old Surrey Canal.

 OKR10 is part of a wider 13 hectare master plan to deliver 20,000 new homes to the Borough over the next 20 years. The Old Kent Road is a designated Opportunity Area which will transform this neighbourhood as the new Creative Quarter for London.

Geoff Brocklehurst, Director at HKR said: “This development is part of a pioneering area of regeneration in London and is borne of the collaboration of designers and developers with a shared vision to meet an ambitious, forward-facing London Borough. We are delighted to have two projects within OKR10 and are particularly pleased with the Nyes Wharf outcome”

Client: Hinkcroft Limited and Peabody Housing.

HKR Architects