News.... HKR Christmas Study Trip to Seville, Spain

This year's HKR's Christmas Study Trip was to the beautiful Andalusian City of Seville in South East Spain. 

Our expert local guide Guillermo from the London office showed us around the UNESCO world heritage sites of The Alcazar Palace, Seville Cathedral, Giralda (Bell Tower) and Patio De Los Naranjos (the orange tree courtyard), as well as classic examples of Regionalism, Renaissance and Moorish Architecture of Torre del Oro, Palace of Countess of Lebrija and Plaza de Espana, famously used as the City Of Theed on the planet of Naboo in the Star wars film 'Attack Of The Clones' in 2002.

We also saw newly completed contemporary buildings such as the 180m high Sevilla Tower, by Cesar Pelli and Metropol Parasol by German Architect Jurgen Mayer.

The team also sampled the local cuisine and wine and enjoyed some regional specialities such as Beronia Rioja, Gambas Blanca de Huelva (White prawns from Huelva), Adobo sevillano (Typical sevillian dressed fried fish) and Kola's favourite....Paella! 

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