Eblana Shared Living Housing Solution

Our latest co-living project is due to be submitted for planning. This 200+ unit scheme is a culmination of Niche Living’s brand development for Dublin’s newest shared-living provider and is potentially one of the first such schemes to go through planning since new guidelines were introduced last year.

Niche Living sits alongside international co-living peers; such as The Collective, Common and Welive, aiming to provide affordable, high-quality housing solutions for the young, professional workforce.

In addition to offering aspirational accommodation to the influx of highly-skilled professionals, the proposed scheme also plays an important urban design function: It opens a new connection between the high street and the train station through the implementation of a new area of public realm. This will benefit both the local community and Niche Living residents alike.

The building delivers a variety of carefully designed, vibrant communal spaces; including a gym, a cinema room, games rooms, workspaces and a large 4th-floor roof terrace. The communal kitchen and lounges on each floor provide further opportunity for socialising, which is an integral part of Niche’s ethos.

This submission is one of several major projects designed by HKR, in Dublin, over the past 18 months and exemplifies an increasing amount of work in the Irish market across several sectors, including the hospitality, residential and commercial sectors.

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